Mr Matthew Harrison

Mr Matthew Harrison

Science Director Informatics

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3172

E-mail Mr Matthew Harrison


  •  2013 –2013 : Science Director Geoscience Products and Services
  •  2013 – ongoing : Science Director Informatics
  •  2010 –2013 : Head of Information Products
  •  2008 –2010 : Team Leader of Baseline Products
  •  2004 –2008 : Senior GIS Analyst BGS
  •  1999 –2004 : Higher GIS Analyst BGS
  •  1998 –1999 : MSc University of Edinburgh, Geographical Information Science
  •  1994 –1999 : Manager Mr Wood's Fossils
  •  1989 –1994 : BSc University of Edinburgh, Geology (Hons)

Current projects and collaboration

Research interests

  • Climate Change Impacts
  • Marine Geoscience Information
  • National Geoscience Datasets
  • Natural Geohazards


  • Data and Information Interoperability
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Multidisciplinary Project Management
  • Natural Hazard and Marine GeoScience Research
  • Science Information Knowledge Exchange

Professional association

  • Association of Geographic Information (AGI) Marine and Coastal Special Interest Group management group member
  • Marine Data and Information Network (MEDIN) executive team member and co-chair Resources and Applications Working Group

Published outputs

Key papers

Harrison, M, Thomas, F, Barredo, J, Bojilov, V, Camia, A, Castella, RC, Cerba, O, Exadaktylos, G, Giovando, C, Isidro, ML, Pfeiffer, M, Tomas, R. 2011. D2.8.III.12 Data Specification on Natural Risk Zones – Draft Guidelines INSPIRE Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe. Brussels, European Commission INSPIRE Natural Risk Zones V2.0 For Public consultation.

Culshaw, MG, Harrison, M. 2010. Geo-Information Systems for use by the UK Insurance Industry for subsidence risk. International Association of Engineering Geology, Auckland, New Zealand

Harrison, AM, Harrison, M, Plim, J, Jones L, Culshaw, MG. 2010. UK regional scale modelling of natural geohazards and climate change International Association of Engineering Geology, New Zealand

Winter, MG, MacGregor, F, Harrison, M, Shackman, L. 2010. Scottish road network landslides study: hazard assessment and ranking. International Association of Engineering Geology,. Auckland, New Zealand In Press

Harrison, M, Harrison, AM, Jones, L, Plim, J, Foster, C. 2009. Regional and National Scale Modelling of Natural Geohazards and Climate Change. International Association of Mathematical Geology. Palo Alto, USA.

Harrison, M. 2009. Exploring the Landscape Under the Sea. Navigation News Vol. May.

Rees, JG, Gibson, A, Harrison, M, Hughes, AG, Walsby, JC. 2009. Regional Modelling of Geohazard Change.Engineering Geology For Tomorrow's Cities, Engineering Geology Special Publication. No. 22. (London: Geological Society.)

Gibson, AD, Foster, C, Culshaw, MG And Harrison, M. 2008. Landslide Management in the UK - Is it working? Report of the World Landslide Symposium, Tokyo.

Harrison, M, Gibson, A, Forster, A, Entwisle, D, Wildman, G, Garcia-Bajo, M, Lawley, RS, Foster, C, Boon, D. 2008. GIS-Based Assessment. 44-67 in Scottish Road Network Landslides Study: Implementation. Winter, M G, Macgregor, F., Shackman, L. (editor). (Edinburgh: The Scottish Government.)