Dr David Schofield

Dr David SchofieldChief Geologist, Wales

Location: Cardiff

Tel: 029 2052 1962

E-mail Dr David Schofield


  • 2010–present: Chief Geologist, Wales
  • 2008–2010: Team Leader, Resources and Environments in Lower Palaeozoic Basins
  • 2006–2008: District Geologist, West Midlands
  • 1997–present: Geologist, British Geological Survey
  • 1995–1997: Post doctoral researcher, Oxford Brookes University
  • 1995: PhD Keele University
  • 1991: BSc (Hons), Oxford Polytechnic, Earth Sciences

Research interests

  • Late Neoproterozoic and Lower Palaeozoic evolution of the peri-Gondwanan terranes
  • Evolution of the Archaean cratons and Palaeoproterozoic orogenic belts
  • Tectonic controls on basin evolution


  • Geological mapping of deformed basinal successions
  • Geological mapping of basement terranes

Current projects and collaboration

  • Anglesey Terrain Project Leader
  • Member of BGS Science Futures Team

Professional association

  • 2010: Associate editor Geological Society of America Bulletin
  • 1999: Chartered Geologist

Published outputs

Key papers

SCHOFIELD, D I, MILLAR, I L, WILBY, P R and EVANS J A. 2010. A new, high precision U-Pb date from the oldest known rocks in southern Britain. Geological Magazine, 147, 145-150.

SCHOFIELD, D I, ASPDEN, J A, KEMP, S J, MERRIMAN, R J and WILBY, P R. (2009) Basement controls on Acadian thrusting and fault reactivation along the southern margin of the Welsh Basin. Geological Journal. 44, 526-536.

SCHOFIELD D I, DAVIES, J R, WATERS, R A, WILLIAMS, M and WILSON D. (2009) A new Early Silurian turbidite system in Central Wales: insights into eustatic and tectonic controls on deposition in the southern Welsh Basin. Geological Magazine. Vol. 146, 121-132.

SCHOFIELD, D I, EVANS, J A, MILLAR I L, WILBY, P R and ASPDEN, J A. (2008) New U-Pband Rb-Sr constraints on pre-Acadian tectonism in North Wales. Journal of the Geological Society, London, Vol. 165, 891-894.

SCHOFIELD, D I, HORSTWOOD, M S A, PITFIELD, P E J, CROWLEY, Q G, WILKINSON, A F and SIDATY H CH O, 2006. Timing and kinematics of Eburnean tectonics in the central Reguibat Shield, Mauritania. Journal of the Geological Society, London, Vol. 163, 549-560.

SCHOFIELD, D I, and D'LEMOS, R S, 2000. Granite petrogenesis in the Gander Zone, NE Newfoundland: mixing of melts from multiple sources and the role of lithospheric delamination. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. Vol. 37, 535-547.

SCHOFIELD, D I, and D'LEMOS, R S, 1998. Relationships between syn-tectonic granite fabrics and regional PTtd paths: an example from the Gander-Avalon boundary of NE Newfoundland. Journal of Structural Geology, Vol. 20, 459-471.

SCHOFIELD, D I, VAN STAAL C R, and WINCHESTER, J A, 1998. Tectonic setting and regional significance of the Port aux Basques Gneiss, SW Newfoundland. Journal of the Geological Society, London, Vol. 155, 323-334.