Stephen Mathers

Mr Stephen Mathers

The National Geological Model Team Leader

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3208

E-mail Stephen Mathers


  •  2011 : Team Leader of The National Geological Model and Project Manager London-Thames 3D
  •  2010 : Deputy Chief Geologist of England
  •  2008 : Team Leader of Bedrock Geology of Post Carboniferous of the UK
  •  2000 : Regional geologist for Southern & Eastern England
  •  1977 : BSc(Hons) University College, London
  •  1977 : Joined BGS


  • Extensive teaching experience
  • Fluent in Spanish, conversational German
  • Geological surveying and modelling
  • International Marketing
  • Project Management

Research interests

  • Geological Modelling
  • Geology of South East England
  • Industrial Minerals in the Developing World
  • Quaternary Geology

Current projects and collaboration

Professional association

  • Member of Geological Society of America

Published outputs

Key papers

BERG, R.C. MATHERS, S.J. KESSLER, H., and KEEFER, D. (Eds). 2011. Synopsis of Current 3D Geological Mapping and Modeling in Geological Survey Organizations. Illinois State Geological Survey Circular 578, 92pp.

MATHERS, S.J. & KESSLER, H. 2010. Shallow sub-surface 3D geological models for Earth & Environmental Science decision making. Environmental Earth Science 60 (2) 445-448.

FORD, J.R., MATHERS, S.J., ROYSE, K.R., ALDISS, D.T. & MORGAN, D.J.R. 2010. Scientific discovery and realization through 3D geological modeling, with examples from the UK. Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften.161/2 205-218

KESSLER, H, MATHERS, S.J., SOBISCH, H-G. 2008. The capture and dissemination of integrated 3D geospatial knowledge at the British Geological Survey using GSI3D software and methodology. Computers & Geoscience. 35, 1311-1321