Deposit data with NGDC

Geoscience and its many disciplines deal with the physical structure and substance of the earth and the processes that act on them over time. The NGDC focuses on collecting and preserving geoscientific data and information and making them available to a wide range of users.

NERC defines environmental data as 'individual items or records (both digital and analogue) usually obtained by measurement, analysis, observation or modelling of the natural world, and the impact of humans upon it'.

Please use the NGDC data deposit application (portal) to deposit digital files with NGDC.

To deposit large files or large quantities of digital data with NGDC, please email The data deposit form (pdf or Word) must be completed and returned with all data deposits that are donated via email. NGDC is unable to accept and store data unless this form is completed in advance or at the time of deposit. NGDC staff will contact you if an ISO-compliant metadata entry is required with your data deposit. This can be completed using the NGDC metadata form.

NGDC can refuse to receive or return data if it does not meet our remit set out in the NGDC data value checklist 470 KB pdf.

NGDC prefers to receive digital data in the formats listed.

NGDC data

The objective of the NGDC is to provide users with a significant resource of world-class data to support a wide range of research and commercial initiatives. This will be achieved by collecting data that:

  • describes the geology of the UK
  • provides a useful analogue for UK geology
  • helps NERC, BGS or NGDC fulfil any statutory, legal or policy obligations
  • will assist in the training of UK geoscientists
  • will assist with scoping future geoscientific research in the UK

Alongside the collecting themes noted above, data that meet the following specific criteria will be selected for preservation within NGDC:

  • NERC-funded grants within the NERC earth sciences programme
  • other UK funders of geoscientific research
  • BGS research activities
  • data deposited directly to NGDC as a statutory requirement, e.g. Mining Industry Act, Water Resources Act
  • data deposited indirectly to NGDC acting on behalf of other bodies, e.g. Department of Energy and Climate Change (PON 9/9b)

We prefer to receive digital data, but we may accept data deposits of all formats including analogue data, physical samples and specimens. Please see the table for more information on preferred digital formats. To deposit analogue data and samples or specimens please see the guidance set out on the NGR webpage.

Statutory data deposits

NGDC are responsible for storing data associated with:

If you are about to commence drilling a borehole that fits in the above categories, please fill out the Notification of Intention to Drill form.

MEDIN data

These guidelines should be followed when submitting data to the BGS Marine Environment Data and Information Network Data Archive Centre (MEDIN DAC) for geology, geophysics and backscatter. If you hold geological or geophysical datasets and are happy for these to be stored for the long term and distributed by the DAC for future reuse please contact us at Read the MEDIN submission guidelines.


These guidelines should be followed when submitting carbon capture and storage data to the UKCCSRC data and information archive. If you wish to submit carbon capture and storage data to the archive, please contact us at Read the UKCCSRC data and information archive submission guidelines.


For further details, please contact