Finding digital data


Many of our popular digital datasets are available on the BGS website, ranging from digital images of rocks and rainbows in GeoScenic, to world magnetic models.

NGDC data covers the breadth of geoscience and is available in many different formats.

Use the tools below to help you discover the digital data you need.

A selection of paper stored in the NGRC Discovery metadata

The NGDC has a comprehensive collection of discovery metadata available to help you find what you need.

BGS stores over 15,000 borehole samples GeoIndex

Use the GeoIndex map to find the location of data points such as a boreholes, geochemical samples, images, hazards, maps and reports.

OpenGeoscience OpenGeoscience

A free service where you can view maps, download photographs, search databases and find other geoscience information.

3D model of UK geology Digital products

This section shows the digital data that is available for use under a BGS Digital Data Licence.

BGS staff answering a telephone enquiry BGS enquiries

Contact enquiries if you have any questions about finding digital data.