Science facilities

BGS's hydrothermal laboratory Analytical facilities DP Hunter, Tahiti Dando drilling rigGeophysical observatories Landsat 7 ETM false-colour image of the Richat structure in northern Mauritania 3D Visualisation facility

BGS operate and maintain a wide range of state-of-the-art laboratories and other facilities. These facilities, managed under the Laboratory Facilities Programme, underpin virtually all of BGS's diverse range of core and commissioned research programmes.

In addition to information on capability, you will find examples of how our science facilities contribute to BGS's research efforts. Some of our recent research highlights are available below.

Latest news and research highlights

Groundwater abstracted from the Chalk aquifer of south-east EnglandBaseline quality of groundwater from aquifers in England, Wales & Scotland

Investigations include the London Basin, Magnesian Limestone of north-east England, Precambrian of Aberdeenshire and Permo-Triassic Sandstone of the Moray Basin.

Bottled waters from the British IslesBottled water from the British Isles

What is the trace element content of bottled water in your local supermarket? How does it vary? How does it compare with in-situ groundwater from the same sources?

National Centre for Carbon Capture and StorageBritish CCS researchers present at SET for Britain exhibition

Presentations by research scientists from the Nottingham Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage at a House of Commons exhibition.

CalciteExperiments in fluid-rock interaction

Latest BGS laboratory experiments to simulate the behaviour of a deep saline aquifer injected with super-critical CO2.

The super-critical-CO2 flow rigThe super-critical CO2 experimental rig

Latest experiments designed to simulate the behaviour of CO2 stored in deep geological reservoirs.


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