Earth and planetary observation and monitoring

This team is focused on the development and application of remote sensing, data collection and visualisation technologies to support a wide range of geoscience applications.

The technologies include:

  • photogrammetric and map production systems
  • satellite radar interferometry for geohazard measurement
  • immersive 3D visualisation for Virtual Field Reconnaissance (GeoVisionary)
  • satellite and airborne data tailored to particular applications across the globe and other planets.
  • Digital Field Data Capture (DFDC)
  • an integrated workflow for geoscientific surveying and visualisation (SIGMA)

The technologies are based on a wide range of data including:

  • Landsat, ASTER and Radarsat for UK and international projects
  • national baseline data, such as aerial photography and elevation models of the UK
  • airborne hyperspectral for mineral waste mapping and future CO2 storage monitoring
  • Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) terrain models with THEMIS day and night thermal imagery


Contact Colm Jordan for more information.