Sea level and coastal change

Coasts are particularly sensitive to the impacts of climate change from both the ocean and the land. The future predictions of sea-level rise, and bigger and more frequent storms, are likely to have a profound impact on coastal erosion and serious consequences for the effectiveness of sea defences in the future.

Coastal erosion is a serious issue for many coastal communities. The consequences to life, assets and the environment can be enormous. It is therefore important that we understand how the coast will respond to the impacts of climate change so that people can plan for living and working in this dynamic environment.

Selected research

AlbroughCoastal erosion in East Yorkshire

Research into the coastal erosion of the Holderness to Spurn Head coast.

Great YarmouthCoastal erosion in Norfolk

Research into the coastal erosion of the Great Yarmouth coast.

SeaSea level change

Details of our research into sea level change in the Humber Estuary, UK.

Cliffs and lighthouseCoastal erosion case studies

Case studies of coastal erosion and coastal landslides at selected sites around the UK.

SurveyingCoastal change surveying techniques

Measuring cliff erosion using Terrestrial LiDAR techniques. Examples of data for coastal erosion and volume change models.


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