Infiltration SuDS map

Layout of infiltration SuDS map data layers in ArcGIS

Infiltration SuDS map coverage.

Scale 1:50 000
Coverage Great Britain
Format GIS polygon data. (ESRI, MapInfo, others available by request)

Product 1: Infiltration SuDS Map: Detailed

£1.50 per km2

Product 2: Infiltration SuDS Map: Summary

£0.50 per km2

Both 1 and 2 are subject to administration fee and data preparation fee.

Product 3: Infiltration SuDS Map Viewer (subscription service)

Fixed Term Subscription (minimum 1 year)

1 concurrent user = £2,500 p.a.

2–5 concurrent users = £5,000 p.a.

6–20 concurrent users = £7,500 p.a.

Subject to administration fee +£150.

Short Term Subscription (minimum 1 month)

Annual fixed term rate on pro rata basis +5% surcharge +£150 administration fee.

Worked example

3-month subscription for 1 concurrent user: [£2,500/12] x 3(months) x 1.05 (5% surcharge) +£150 (administration fee)=£806.25.

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This dataset is suitable for those involved in the planning and design of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and for those who approve SuDS planning applications within local authorities.

The dataset gives a preliminary indication of the suitability of the ground for infiltration SuDS. These are drainage systems that allow surface water to infiltrate to the ground, such as soakaways, infiltration basins, infiltration trenches and permeable pavements. The selection and design of an appropriate system depends on the properties of the ground and in particular the following four factors:

  1. the presence of severe constraints that must be considered prior to planning infiltration
  2. the drainage potential of the ground
  3. the potential for ground instability when water is infiltrated
  4. the protection of groundwater quality

The Infiltration SuDS Map is based on 15 nationally derived subsurface property datasets, some of which are a result of direct observations, whilst others rely on modelled data.

The dataset is structured using the above four factors, and allows consideration of the subsurface permeability, the depth to groundwater, the presence of geological floodplain deposits, the presence of artificial ground, ground stability (soluble rocks, collapsible ground, compressible ground, running sand, shallow mining, landslide and shrink swell clays), potential for pollutant attenuation and the Environment Agency's source protection zones.

SuDS Map products:

1. Detailed: Infiltration SuDS Map

The detailed map provides the data layers described above, along with a further 20 individual, bespoke data layers. These data layers provide information on the properties of the ground, which can be used to guide local SuDS planning and design.

The data can be used to determine the likely limitations present at a site and make preliminary decisions on the type of infiltration SuDS that may be appropriate. We anticipate that this map will be used by planners, developers, consultants and SuDS Approval Bodies.

The dataset is intended to be used at a preliminary stage and is not a replacement for a site investigation.

2. Summary: Infiltration SuDS Map

The summary map comprises four summary layers, providing an indication of the suitability of the ground for infiltration SuDS. The layers summarise: the presence of severe constraints; the drainage potential of the ground; the potential for ground instability as a result of infiltration and the susceptibility of the groundwater to contamination.

This map is anticipated to be of use in strategic planning and not for local assessment. It does not provide specific subsurface data or state the limitations of the subsurface with respect to infiltration.

3. Infiltration SuDs Map Viewer (subscription service)

The Infiltration SuDS Map Viewer is a subscription-based web-view service that provides access to the full national coverage of the Infiltration SuDS Map.

The user can query any of the 24 data layers and download attribute data in either .csv or .pdf format.

Access is gained via a username and password. These login details can be shared within the subscribing organisation, but only one person can be logged into the service at any one time.

The Infiltration SuDs Map Viewer has been developed for those who work nationally, and don’t need access to GIS shapefiles.

This Viewer service is currently in beta-release as this is the first subscription-based service that BGS have developed.


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