Coal Authority Seismic Survey

Coal Authority Seismic Survey coverage
Scale N/A
Coverage Various areas in the UK
Format Various tape formats and analogue records
Price £45 – £55 per tape. Subject to licence fee and data preparation fee.
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The map shows the location and names of boreholes with digital geophysical logs acquired by the former National Coal Board and British Coal during their exploration for coal in the United Kingdom.

Following privatisation of the UK coal industry, ownership of UK coal exploration data was transferred to the Coal Authority (CA), who appointed the British Geological Survey as custodian of this important national geological data archive. In general, these data are publicly available, however access to data within active mining licences requires the consent of the mining licensee.

Original digital data for seismic reflection surveys conducted by the National Coal Board (NCB) and its successor, British Coal Corporation (BCC). Complete archive includes analogue records, comprises some 3000 files of written records and approx 13 000 tapes and includes observers' logs; surveyors' reports; location data tapes; and field data recording tapes. Also included are tapes of various stages of processing: demultiplexed field data to migrated stack (not all available for all profiles) These data are kept as archive copies.

NB: No complete catalogue or index is available.


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