BGS Geophysical Image Atlases

BGS Geophysical Image Atlases example
Scale 1:1 000 000
Coverage Various areas of offshore UK
Format PDF, paper, grid
Price On application

BGS Regional Geophysics has developed a range of Image Atlases of gravity and magnetic anomalies designed to meet the needs of the hydrocarbon and mineral industries.

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UK continental shelf and adjacent areas

BGS holds a vast database of non-exclusive gravity and magnetic data covering the entire UK onshore and continental shelf. These data have been compiled, together with third-party data, to produce an atlas of high-quality image maps covering key hydrocarbon exploration areas.

Image maps highlight structural information and are particularly effective for identifying faults and structural trends. They provide essential information on the extent and internal structure of sedimentary basins, underlying basement structure, identification of igneous intrusions and regional tectonic framework.

The BGS Geophysical Image Atlas comprises a series of regional volumes, each containing an extensive suite of /geophysics/images of anomalies, gradients and filtered fields at a scale of 1:1 000 000 together with a report and overview of regional structure.

Image Atlas coverage

Image atlas coverage

Atlantic margin volumes:

  • Shetland-Faeroe (gravity and magnetic)
  • Hebrides-Rockall (gravity and magnetic)
  • Hatton Bank (gravity and magnetic)

South and west continental shelf volumes:

  • Irish Sea and Western Approaches (gravity)

North Sea volumes

  • Northern North Sea (gravity and magnetic)
  • Southern North Sea (gravity and magnetic)

Image atlas contents

Each volume of the Geophysical Image Atlas contains a suite of up to 25 image maps designed to highlight structural information. These vary between volumes but typical contents may include the following:

Gravity atlas volumes:

  • generalised structure map and maps showing quad/block boundaries, water depth and distribution of data points
  • colour contour maps of Bouguer and free-air anomalies
  • suite of colour and greyscale shaded relief /geophysics/images of free-air or Bouguer anomaly maps illuminated from NE, N, NW, W, S and above
  • colour shaded relief horizontal gradient, high-pass and 2nd vertical derivative maps
  • isostatically corrected Bouguer anomaly maps (in Atlantic margin areas)

Magnetic atlas volumes:

  • generalised structure map and maps showing quad/block boundaries, water depth and distribution of data points
  • colour contour maps of total field and reduced-to-pole (RTP) magnetic anomaly
  • suite of colour shaded relief maps of RTP anomaly illuminated from N, NE, NW, W and above
  • colour shaded relief upward-continued, residual and horizontal gradient maps
  • pseudo-gravity maps
  • wiggle-trace plots of individual flight lines

Geophysical Interpretation Atlas of Northern Ireland

Geophysical Interpretation Atlas of Northern Ireland

A new interpretation and suite of image maps produced by BGS Regional Geophysics on behalf of the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland and the Department of Economic Development to provide companies with a modern structural framework for the assessment of hydrocarbon and mineral potential.

  • Geophysical Image Atlas: 31 maps at 1:250 000 scale based on gravity and aeromagnetic data; filtering, colour-fill and shaded relief techniques used to enhance structural trends
  • report on regional interpretation of gravity and aeromagnetic data, set within geological context; includes detailed 2D and 3D models
  • digital outputs available for original data, derived grids and CGM plot files
  • 1:250 000 scale geological map: fully updated and revised edition


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Hutton field: well correlation diagram.