Future Products

We are continually looking to create new products and datasets that meet the evolving nature of customers needs.

Products at various stages of development include:

Down-Borehole Geological Information

Down-borehole geological information is being captured from BGS digital borehole records, which represent the range of geology across and throughout each region of Britain. The National Borehole Information Capture dataset will be consistent with agreed national standard and will underpin much of the BGS research activities, including 3D modelling. The captured information will be translated into standardised geoscientific terms to enable automatic conversion of historical and obsolete terminology into modern terms.

Mining Related Land Use

Mining related landuse: Parys Mountain Opencast Mine, Anglesey

Exploration of unconventional gas: Drilling rigs like this play an important part in the exploration for gas and coal

Database of mine entries: Smallcleugh mine entrance, Nenthead, Cumbria; Lead ore worked briefly from about 1770 and again, for a short time, in 1963.

BGS is creating a product showing land use types associated with the mining permissions. This dataset is derived from a recent exercise to digitise areas, from historical maps, where mining planning permissions have previously been granted.

Scanned Mine Plans

This dataset is derived from an ongoing process of scanning and indexing mine plans relating to non-coal mine workings in the UK, both from the BGS collections and plans held by other organisations/individuals.

All mine abandonment plans held in the BGS Edinburgh office and in local Council offices have now been scanned and work is progressing on indexing and scanning other mine plans held at BGS Keyworth and by private collectors. This work is being undertaken collaboratively with the Mining Information Group, a partnership of public sector bodies with an interest in non-coal mining of the UK.

Soil Erosion Potential

Evaluation of the risk to soil of erosion by water and fluvial action.

Other planned products

These will be made available in the longer term include:

  • Underground Asset Management System for pipeline corrosivity
  • An Offshore Superficial Thickness Model
  • A database of Karst Features of the UK
  • A database of Mine Entries of the UK
  • Using 1:10 000 scale geological map data to Evaluate Ground Stability (GeoSure10)
  • These Data relating to Aquifer Vulnerability in Scotland are being made available digitally in conjunction with SEPA
  • Bioaccessibility of potentially harmful elements
  • Data to support the Exploration of Unconventional Gas in Great Britain (Shale Gas and Coal Bed/Mine Methane)


For further information contact Ed Hough

Hutton field: well correlation diagram.