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20 February 2015

White Ribbon
BGS own and operate a small 9 m survey catamaran called the White Ribbon. Its name refers to the data gap within the coastal zone where offshore data collection has been difficult. The vessel is being used to fill this gap, as its small size and draft allow survey operations to be undertaken in very shallow water depths. The boat has also been used in various lochs and lakes, with the aim to increase our understanding of what lies beneath the waves.

18 February 2015

 Satellite interferometric study of ground motions in the 1990s in the South Wales Coalfield
BGS tested a new image processing method that can detect very small changes in the height of the land surface.

18 February 2015

Annual science review 2013-2014
The 2013-2014 Annual Science Review is now available. Topics include: Responsible use of natural resources; Managing environmental change; Resilience to earth hazards; Finance; Human resources.

10 February 2015

MEC logo
We are a partner in the Midlands Energy Consortium along with the Universities of Birmingham, Loughborough, Nottingham and Warwick. The Midlands Energy Consortium is a collaboration in energy research and training.

26 January 2015

3D visualisation
Developing tools and techniques for virtual field reconnaissance and visualisation of geoscientific data

23 January 2015

DiSECCS logo
Diagnostic seismic toolbox for the efficient control of CO2 storage (DiSECCS) is developing non-invasive methods to monitor underground Carbon Dioxide storage sites. The seismic tools will identify pressure build-up related to injection of CO2, predict mechanical instability and verify site performance over large areas. Assisting in a better understanding of these key issues will help to instil wider public confidence in CO2 storage.

22 December 2014

Laser scanning
Geomatics is the science of gathering, storing, processing and delivering spatially related information. BGS has pioneered the use of ground-based (terrestrial) techniques for a variety of geoscientific applications since 1999.

3 December 2014

Glacier in Iceland
BGS scientists have revealed that glaciers may abandon their snouts, as they readjust to new climate conditions.

13 October 2014

The hazard products team aims to develop new and innovative data products that deliver geoscientific information to a range of users in an accessible form.

10 October 2014