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UAV gas monitoring
The British Geological Survey and QuestUAV Ltd, with co-funding from Innovate UK, are developing a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) gas detection system aimed at the energy sector.

27 January 2016

BUFI logo
For a glimpse into our student's research and their wonderful and varied field trips read some of the contributions they have made to the BGS Blog – GeoBlogy

22 January 2016

Further periods of intense or prolonged rainfall could potentially lead to localised groundwater flooding.

22 January 2016

BGS logo to colour in
The Cartographics team at BGS have been busy thinking how we can brighten up the dull, dark month of January after the Christmas cheer. In keeping with the current craze for mindful colouring, we've created a series of maps and images, using our geological data, that you can colour in. Grab your pencils and start feeler calmer, less stressed and more at peace. Share your creations with us.

11 January 2016

Instagram image for December
A round up of metrics for December 2015.

7 January 2016

Waterfall A11980
Find out more about how geology influences flooding.

6 January 2016

We are a node of the NERC Isotope Geosciences Facilities, focussed on (1) uranium-daughter geochronology (U-Pb, Th-Pb and U-Th) applied to a broad range of geoscience topics, and (2) isotope tracers (e.g., Si, Cu, Sr, Pb, U) for a range of contemporary environmental processes (e.g., biosphere mapping, hydrology, depleted uranium). We work with the UK HEI community and international partners to deliver research, method development and training.

24 December 2015

NERC logo
NERC provides world-leading scientific facilities, research ships, aircraft, analytical facilities, satellite data processing, supercomputers and specialist equipment. This page lists the earth science facilities managed by BGS.

24 December 2015

Instagram image for November
A round up of metrics for November 2015.

22 December 2015

Petroleum geoscience
The Petroleum geoscience team have created some new web pages detailing their project areas. This new content replaces the Regional hydrocarbon prospectivity and continental margins pages.

15 December 2015