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Discover how life on earth moved from water onto land 360–345 million years ago through ground-breaking discoveries made in Scotland. This exhibition is based on research carried out by the Tweed Project.

19th Feb – 14th Aug 2016

BGS staff member Michael Stephenson
Mike Stephenson presents 'Putting sub surface energy operations under scrutiny' at the UK Shale Gas: The Engineers' Summit

23rd Feb 2016

3D faults
Mike Stephenson talks to the London School of Economics Energy Society about 'Shale Gas and Fracking: the Science behind the Controversy'

23rd Feb 2016

Phase transition
Mike Stephenson presents 'Exploring the latest work undertaken to investigate the effects of fracking on the subsurface' at the Shale & Unconventional Gas conference 2016

24th Feb 2016

British Science Week at BGS Keyworth
The BGS will be celebrating British Science Week from the 15-19 March 2016 at its offices in Keyworth near Nottingham.

The week will be split into three parts: primary schools days, secondary schools day, concluding with our mini open day (Family Fun Day) which is open to the public.

More details to follow in early in 2016.

15th – 19th Mar 2016

NAC scenery
Following on from the successful first North Atlantic Craton meeting in St Andrews in March 2014, the organising committee invites you to attend the second meeting in Edinburgh in 2016.

21st – 23rd Mar 2016

Prof Mike Stephenson
Prof Mike Stephenson, Director of Science and Technology at the British Geological Survey will be giving a talk at this event.

22nd Mar 2016

Geological Society
The Sedimentary & Geophysical Archive

Unravelling evidence for the growth and recessional behaviour of ice sheets on continental margins has major implications for characterising the cryosphere in the past, present and future. Glaciated margins provide unique archives of past ice mass change on timescales that cannot be captured by observations of the cryosphere today.

They also serve as analogues for modern-day glacial depositional environments, and are integral to solving major problems such as the magnitude of ancient glaciations, the location of prolific glaciogenic hydrocarbon reservoir deposits and the distribution of groundwater aquifers.

The event seeks to attract scientists from multiple disciplines – geophysicists,sedimentologists, glaciologists, geologists and geographers – with an interest in tackling these issues. The meeting will explore the latest research on glaciated margin environments based around four central themes:

  • The Arctic and the Northern Hemisphere
  • Antarctica and the Southern Hemisphere
  • The deep time archive
  • Resource potential: case studies and dilemmas

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2nd – 3rd Jun 2016

RDA logo
Register for the 5th Research Data Alliance Interest Group-Working Group meeting which will take place on Wednesday 8 June at the University of Nottingham and Thursday 9 June at British Geological Survey (BGS).

8th – 9th Jun 2016

University of Birmingham

The EIG Conference is the principal event for sharing knowledge, scientific research and good practice in the field of applied geology within the UK minerals industry.

The event is for geo-professionals associated with the extraction of industrial rocks and minerals, including those involved in geology, hydrogeology, geotechnical engineering, restoration and after-use, reserves and resources and quarry design and planning.

The conference includes 2–days of presentations plus pre- and post-conference field trips (Field trips on 6th and 9th September 2016).

7th – 8th Sep 2016