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Mineral Statistics Survey

World Mineral Production and European Mineral Statistics. BGS©NERC

The BGS, and its predecessors, have been producing mineral statistics since 1913. These data are currently released annually in two publications called "World Mineral Production" and "European Mineral Statistics" and made available in MS Excel through our online data download tool.

As a result of reducing budgets, we are currently undertaking a major review of how and why we continue with this work. As a part of this process we would like to gain a better understanding of the requirements of our user community and have therefore developed a short survey.

Mineral Planning Factsheet: Metals

Mineral Planning Factsheet: Metals. BGS©NERC

BGS has produced a series of Mineral Planning Factsheets that cover economically important minerals that are extracted in Britain. Individual factsheets are periodically updated to provide an up-to-date overview of the supply of a specific mineral. They are primarily intended to inform the land-use planning process but will be of much wider interest. The factsheet on Metals has been updated to reflect the recent revival of exploration in Britain, the opening of a major new tungsten mine in Devon and concerns over the long term availability of secure supplies of metals required by UK industry.

United Kingdom Minerals Yearbook 2014

Burrowine Moor silica sand quarry, Fife, Operated by Pattersons quarries Ltd. BGS©NERC

This annual publication by the British Geological Survey provides comprehensive statistical data on minerals production, consumption and trade to 2013 and estimates of production for major mineral commodities in 2014. It is of value to all those interested in the many facets of Britain's minerals industry and its contribution to the national economy.

Survey of Surface Mined Coal 2014

Surface coal mine, BGS©NERC

The results of the Survey of Surface Mined Coal for 2014 are now available. Data are presented on saleable production, permitted reserves and details of sites granted and refused planning permission during 2014. This survey, previously known as 'the Opencast Coal Survey', been renamed to 'Survey of Surface Mined Coal' to better reflect modern methods used to extract shallow coal and align with terminology used by the Coal Authority and the coal extraction industry. The change came into effect for presentation of 2014 data.

European Mineral Statistics 2009-2013

Download European Mineral Statistics 2009-2013

This is the latest edition in the European Mineral Statistics series and provides essential information for the majority of economically important metals and minerals for 35 European Countries including European Union members, candidates and associates. It includes five-year tables of production, exports and imports statistics arranged in two sections: by individual country; and by commodity with bullet points on salient features and graphics. It provides the essential background intelligence for any European minerals-related activities.

World Mineral Production 2009-2013

Download World Mineral Production 2009-2013, BGS©NERC

Welcome to the latest edition of World Mineral Production, an annual publication from the British Geological Survey (BGS). Following on from the Centenary Edition released in 2014, this volume contains mineral production statistics for the five year period from 2009 to 2013, for more than 70 mineral commodities, by country worldwide.

It is the latest publication from the World Mineral Statistics dataset which began in 1913. The statistics from this dataset are available in the following formats:

  • Annual publication of "World Mineral Production" and its predecessors, which can be downloaded in pdf from our World Archive
  • MS Excel for years from 1992 via our data download tool
  • The most recent editions are available to purchase in hard copy from the BGS online shop
  • One off reports

Directory of Mines & Quarries 2014

Directory of Mines and Quarries 2014, BGS©NERC

The 10th Edition of the Directory of Mines and Quarries contains information on over 2000 mineral working and handling sites operating in 2014. These include quarries and mines working a variety of commodities, as well as oil and gas wells and marine wharfs landing aggregates for construction. The 2014 Directory of Mines and Quarries is available from the BGS as a free pdf download and as a printed book.

Opencast Coal Mining Statistics 2013

Opencast coal mine, BGS©NERC

The results of the Opencast Coal Survey for 2013 are now available. Data are presented on saleable production, permitted reserves and details of sites granted and refused planning permission during 2013.

The development and implementation of mineral safeguarding policies at national and local levels in the United Kingdom

The sterilisation of near surface mineral resource by surface development. BGS©NERC. Click to enlarge image.

There is increasing awareness within the EU of the need to protect mineral deposits of public importance thus enabling future generations to meet their needs. The UK has been at the forefront of developing this concept through the implementation of mineral safeguarding. The BGS has informed policy development and produced guidance to improve the mechanisms by which 'mineral safeguarding' is undertaken. This paper discusses how mineral safeguarding has been implemented in UK (comparing with alternative methods elsewhere in the world) and will inform those people responsible for ensuring adequate future minerals supply.