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Mineral profiles

The mineral profile series presents essential background information on individual mineral commodities for the non-specialist user. They are not intended to be highly technical but contain sufficient detail to enable the reader to gain a broad understanding of the particular mineral described.

Each profile summarises:

  • the nature and geological occurrence of deposits
  • extraction and processing methods
  • specifications and uses
  • world production, trade and prices
  • the situation relating to the United Kingdom

If any of the terms contained in the profiles are unfamiliar, please refer to our glossary [Glossary].

Download the Rare Earth Elements mineral profile

Please click on the links below for free downloads of the mineral profiles:

Coal (2.88 Mb) (March 2010) 
Cobalt (182 kb) (August 2009)
Copper (4.60 Mb) (June 2007)
Fluorspar (1.34 Mb) (February 2011)
Nickel (2.84 Mb) (September 2008)
Niobium-Tantalum (1.16 Mb) (April 2011)
Platinum Group Elements (2.67 Mb) (September 2009)
Rare Earth Elements Profile (3.03 Mb) (November 2011)
Tungsten (1.44 Mb) (January 2011)
Uranium (2.13 Mb) (March 2010) 

The mineral profile series is continually being updated, however, the following older versions are also available as free downloads:

Barytes (1.2 Mb) (September 2005)
Cement Raw Materials (292 kb) (November 2005)
Building and Roofing Stone (664 kb) (November 2005)
Magnesium (119 kb) (March 2004)
Zinc (190 kb) (March 2004)