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Metal smelter, © Corbis
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Download World Mineral Production 2008-2012

World Mineral Production 2008-2012 Centenary Edition

With the publication of data for 2012, this series now has 100 years of continuous production data, by country, for a wide range of commodities. This special edition includes commentary describing the history of the series, together with maps, graphs and charts.

World Mineral Statistics data now available in Excel; Iron ore operation, Australia ©2010 Rio Tinto

World Mineral Statistics Data Download

World Mineral Statistics data now available in Excel.

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Commodities & statistics

An experienced team compiles statistics of mineral production and trade for the United Kingdom and the world. The data are published as annual books and ad-hoc/customised reports to suit particular requirements. The work involves close contact with the minerals industry in the UK and throughout the world. Quality is assured by participating in international forums and by a regular exchange of information with geological survey organisations, minerals bureaux and other official and commercial entities world-wide.