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Mobile apps

Various mobile friendly versions of apps on the BGS website

BGS Geological Walk map

A walk through geological time at BGS Keyworth, now available to browse online


App for the geological map of Britain iPhone App | Android App ... and iGeology3D!


App for soil properties map of Britain | learn about the soil beneath your feet. iPhone App




Offshore WMS


BGS Groundhog

A new geological model browser that allows you to explore geological models and purchase a range of outputs.

More about BGS Groundhog

Can glaciers 'downsize'?

BGS scientists have revealed that glaciers may abandon their snouts, as they readjust to new climate conditions.

Read more about dynamic glacier readjustment

BGS maps portal — BGS launches the Maps Portal – Gateway to UK geology

Free online viewing of over 6000 BGS maps and sections from 1832 to 2014.

Browse BGS published maps

Release of offshore data as a WMS

BGS has released its offshore geology data in view-only format under the Open Government Licence for free commercial and non-commercial use. The data is available as Web Map Services and can be viewed on the MAREMAP website.

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