The aims of the Earth Science Education Forum for England and Wales are:
•  To promote earth science in education at all levels.
•  To bring together all relevant organisations in pursuit of the above.


To encourage and enable ESEF members to:
•  develop their own targets for earth science education (including vocational education);
•  monitor progress towards those targets;
•  share information on current and future initiatives in earth science education; and
•  support one another in the development of current and future initiatives.

To support the activities of members through:
•  co-ordinating effort;
•  publicising information about current and new initiatives;
•  developing networking between and beyond member
   organisations; and
•  co-ordination of attempts to influence decision-makers.

More information about the Forum

The Forum's activities in Wales are organised through a separate
branch, ESEF Cymru.

The Scottish Earth Science Education Forum (SESEF)
professional development courses for primary and
secondary teachers in Scotland.

Information on membership of ESEF (EW).
Links to current member organisations.

ESEF provides administrative assistance (convening meetings)
for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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