Ice Age fossils go home for a visit

Entry page in the donations register, from 1878.

Fossils held in the BGS collections for over 130 years are going home on a visit as part of the Ice Age Ilford exhibition.

The specimens form part of the Cotton Collection of sub-fossil bone material collected from the Ilford area and donated to the Survey in 1878 by Dr Richard Payne Cotton.

The BGS team have worked in partnership with staff at Redbridge Museum to select a variety of fossils that help to give a flavour of animal life in the Ice Age. Species represented include mammoth, bear, horse, ox, deer and beaver. Items from the BGS archives, including fieldwork boots (complete with mud) and surveying equipment, have also been loaned to dress a reconstruction of Cotton's study.

The exhibition is set to run until June 2016. Further information on the BGS fossil collections can be found via our online database, PalaeoSaurus.

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