Maps and viewers

Nottingham sheet, Geological Survey of England and Wales 1:63 360/1:50 000 geological map series, New Series

Simple map viewers are made available for a range of BGS spatial datasets. Pan and zoom to your required location, click on the map and find out more about geosciences in your area of interest.

Open the viewers individually or all together in the Map viewers portfolio.

Terms of use

The viewers listed here are delivered under the Open Government Licence, subject to the following acknowledgement accompanying the reproduced BGS materials: "Contains British Geological Survey materials © NERC [year]".


This resource provides high resolution viewing images of small and medium scale maps that have previously been available in paper form through the BGS shop.

Professional users are advised that our most recent mapping is now updated and delivered digitally via GeoIndex and the Geology of Britain Viewer.

BGS maps portal
Small and medium scale maps produced by the BGS since mapping started in 1832.
Hydrogeology maps of the UK
23 high resolution maps of the hydrogeology of the UK.
Irish historical geological maps
Historical geological maps, sections and memoirs of Ireland, mostly 19th century.


Geology of Britain

Geology of Britain

The Geology of Britain viewer helps you explore the geology around where you live.

Pan and zoom to where you live, click on an area of interest and reveal the rocks beneath your feet.

The Geology of Britain viewer now includes:

Borehole scans
Map viewer search of the NGDC collection of onshore scanned boreholes, shafts and well records.
Earthquake Timeline
Map viewer providing online access to historical earthquake locations by date.
3D models
Map viewer to drill virtual boreholes or draw virtual cross-sections through a geological model in selected areas of the UK.

Offshore GeoIndex

GeoIndex example

A map-based index to offshore datasets that we have collected or have obtained from other sources. Boreholes, seabed samples, geology, geophysics, hydrocarbon wells...

Onshore GeoIndex

GeoIndex example

A map-based index to onshore datasets that we have collected or have obtained from other sources. Boreholes, collections, earthquakes, geochemistry, geology, geophysics...

Groundwater levels timeline viewer

Groundwater levels timeline viewer

Map viewer providing online access to a timeline of monthly groundwater levels across the UK from 1970 to present.

London Earth

London Earth

The London Earth soil geochemistry viewer displays interactive geochemical maps for a selection of environmentally sensitive elements in Greater London.

Quaternary domains

Quaternary domains

Visualising domains represented by consistent geomorphological features

Rock stress

Rock Stress

The BGS Rock Stress viewer generates rose diagrams for user selected boreholes.