Apply for a digital data licence

Apply for a BGS digital data licence by downloading the Digital data licence form in PDF and Word formats.

E-mail the completed form to the IPR Section.

The completed form helps us to:

  1. understand your requirements;
  2. to provide you with details of the licence fees payable;
  3. send out licence documentation for signature, should you decide to proceed with a licence.

The key areas addressed by the form are:

  • Which geographical area(s) of which BGS dataset(s) are required and in which format do you want to receive them (e.g. ESRI, or MapInfo)?
  • What will you be using the data for?
  • How long do you want the licence to run for (please note that our minimum standard licence term is 12 months)?
  • Will any third parties need to have access to the BGS data - e.g. contractors (we have a 'complementary licence' system to cater for use of data by a licensee's contractors).

If you have any queries about the application form, please see IPR contacts.